SmartStore.NET 2.5.0

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Released: Mar 4, 2016
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Release Notes

SmartStore.NET 2.5


  • New import/export framework (profiles, filters, mapping, projections, scheduling, deployment... just everything!)
  • TaskScheduler: Rewritten from scratch to be suitable for Web Farms (including support for cron expressions)
  • Payment and shipping methods by customer roles
  • Restrict payment methods to countries
  • Restrict payment methods to shipping methods
  • Email attachment support for message templates
  • Attach order invoice PDF automatically to order notification emails
  • Overall performance increase
  • Lots of bug fixes

New Features

  • New export and import framework
  • Import of customer and category data
  • #141 Payment and shipping methods by customer roles
  • #67 Restrict payment methods to countries
  • #94 Restrict payment methods to shipping methods
  • #747 Restrict payment methods by old versus new customer (plugin)
  • #584 Email attachment support for message templates
  • Attach order invoice PDF automatically to order notification emails
  • #526 Min/Max amount option for which the payment method should be offered during checkout
  • (Dev) New SyncMapping service: enables easier entity synchronization with external systems
  • (Dev) #792 ViewEngine: Enable vbhtml views per configuration
  • (Dev) Plugin developers can now render child actions into a dynamically created special tab called 'Plugins'
  • #718 ShopConnector: Import option for "Published" and "Disable buy\wishlist button"
  • #702 Facebook and Twitter external authentication suitable for multi-stores
  • New scheduled task: Clear e-mail queue
  • New scheduled task: Clear uploadeded transient media files
  • #704 Make primary store currency suitable for multi-stores
  • #727 Web-API: Option to deactivate TimestampOlderThanLastRequest validation
  • #731 Web-API: Allow deletion and inserting of product category and manufacturer assignments
  • #733 Option to set a display order for homepage products
  • #607 HTML capable full description for payment methods displayed in checkout
  • #732 Product list: Option to display the pre-selected price instead of the lowest price
  • New payment provider for Offline Payment Plugin: Purchase Order Number
  • #202 Implement option for product list 'default sort order'
  • #360 Import & export product variant combinations
  • #722 System > SEO Names: Implement editing of an UrlRecord
  • Admin > System > System Info shows used application memory (RAM)
  • Added option to make VATIN mandatory during customer registration
  • #840 Activity log: Have option to exclude search engine activity
  • #841 Activity log for deleting an order
  • More settings to control creation of SEO names
  • GMC feed: Supporting fields multipack, bundle, adult, energy efficiency class and custom label (0 to 4)
  • #760 Setting to set a customer role for new registered users
  • #800 Multi-store: Option to display all orders of all stores for customer in frontend
  • #457 Added option to hide the default image for categories and products
  • #451 Add message token for product shipping surcharge
  • #436 Make %Order.Product(s)% token to link the product detail page and a add product thumbnail
  • #339 Meta robots setting for page indexing of search engines
  • PayPal: Option for API security protocol
  • Product filter: Option to sort filter results by their display order rather than by number of matches
  • Elmar Shopinfo: Option to export delivery time as availability
  • #654 Place user agreement for downloadable files in checkout process
  • #398 EU law: add 'revocation' form and revocation waiver for ESD
  • #738 Implement download of pictures via URLs in product import
  • Web-API: Bridge to import framework: uploading import files to import profile directory
  • Setting to round down calculated reward points
  • #695 Implement checkbox in checkout to let customers subscribe to newsletters
  • #495 Implement option to search product detail description by default


  • (Perf) Implemented static caches for URL aliases and localized properties. Increases app startup and request speed by up to 30%.
  • (Perf) Significantly reduced number of database reads during product list rendering. Increases request speed by up to 10%.
  • (Perf) Implemented 2nd level cache for infrequently changed entities. Increases request speed by up to 10%.
  • TaskScheduler: Rewritten from scratch to be suitable for Web Farms
  • TaskScheduler: Supports cron expressions to define task execution frequency
  • TaskScheduler: Editing tasks does not require app restart anymore
  • TaskScheduler: Enhanced UI
  • #721 Message Queue: implemented "Delete all"
  • #725 Prevent LowestProductPrice being 0
  • #709 News feed produced invalid RSS feed. Added content:encoded. Added maximum news age setting for feed export.
  • #735 Include SKUs of attribute combinations when filtering the backend product list
  • Filter for homepage and published\unpublished products in backend product list
  • Reduce database round trips initiated by price calculation
  • Google Analytics: added support for mobile devices
  • (Dev) TaskScheduler: Tasks can propagate progress info (percentage & message)
  • (Dev) TaskScheduler: Cancellation request is sent to tasks on app shutdown
  • ShippingByWeight & ShippingByTotal: Support for multiple zip ranges (comma separated)
  • Two more options to handle customer numbers: display customer number in frontend & let customers enter their customer number if it's still empty
  • #62 free shipping info on product detail page
  • Display base price in CompactProductBox
  • Automatically redirect to referrer after login
  • #826 Image gallery: the viewport height was fixed to 300 px, but now respects MediaSettings > ImageSize.
  • #249 Make UI editor for 'SeoSettings.ExtraRobotsDisallows'
  • Debitoor: Customer VAT number not transmitted anymore because it appears on the Debitoor invoice.
  • #778 Web-API: Increase MaxExpansionDepth for using expand pathes
  • #767 Remove assignments to a grouped product if the grouped product is deleted
  • #773 Reduce number of guest records created by search engine requests
  • #791 Preselected attributes or attribute combinations should always be appended as querystring to product page links
  • Simplified handling of SEO names
  • URLs are not converted to lower case anymore
  • Product grid sortable by name, price and created on
  • #26 Display company or name in order list
  • Added inline editing of country grid
  • #790 Improved language editing
  • #843 Implement a product picker
  • #850 Use new product picker for selecting required products
  • Trusted Shops: badge will be displayed in mobile themes, payment info link replaced compare list link in footer
  • Product filter: Specification attributes are sorted by display order rather than alphabetically by name
  • #856 Don't route topics which are excluded from sitemap
  • #851 Replace reCAPTCHA with "I'm not a robot" CAPTCHA
  • #713 Display gift card remaining amount in frontend order details and order messages
  • #736 Render PayPal Express Button in minibasket
  • PayPal: Support for partial refunds
  • Offline credit card payment: Option to exclude credit card types


  • #523 Redirecting to payment provider performed by core instead of plugin
  • Preselected price was wrong for product attributes with multiple preselected values (same on product detail page)
  • #749 Visual Studio 2015 compilation error: CS0009: Metadata file. SmartStore.Licensing.dll could not be opened -- Illegal tables in compressed metadata stream
  • PayPal Express: fixed capture method
  • #770 Resizing browser with product details page causes product image to disappear
  • GMC feed: Availability value "available for order" deprecated
  • Mobile: Shopping cart warnings weren't displayed to customers
  • Tax provider and payment method were automatically activated when there were no active provider\method
  • #784 Biz-Importer: Name of delivery time must not be imported empty
  • #776 Preview: Manufacturer and Product in Multi Store
  • #755 Some methods still loading all products in one go
  • #796 Selected specification in product filter mask is displayed with default language (not localized)
  • #805 Product filter is reset if 'product sorting' or 'view mode' or 'amount of displayed products per page' is changed
  • Hide link to a topic page if it is limited to stores
  • #829 Activity log: Searching by customer email out of function
  • Product import: Store mappings were not applied when inserting new records
  • Faulty permission handling in ajax grid actions (no message, infinite loading icon)
  • Grouped products: Display order was not correct
  • Deletion of a customer could delete all newsletter subscriptions
  • PayPal: Fixed "The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel."
  • PayPal Express: Void and refund out of function ("The transaction id is not valid")
  • Customer could not delete his avatar
  • Facebook authentication: Email missing in verification
  • Attribute with a product linkage throws exception if added to cart
  • Number of products per product tag could be incorrect in a multi-store

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