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How to contribute

Follow us

to stay informed about the latest news and updates of SmartStore.NET just click on the Follow button at the top of this page.

Vote for issues

Have a look at the features other users of SmartStore.NET want to have and vote for the features that are interesting to you too. The more votes an issue has, the more weight it'll get and the earlier we'll implement it.

Write an issue

If you stumble across an error, have got an improvement suggestion or a feature request feel free to write an issue to get us informed about what's on your mind.

How to write issues

Before you write an issue please perform a quick search and have a look if your concern was already issued. In this case you can also vote for this issue. Basically there are two different categories of issues: bugs and feature requests.

A bug should always be reproducible. When reporting it, please list every step you or your customer made to produce it so a developer can verify the problem exists with just a few clicks. When you've received an error message you should provide it too, preferably via screen shoot. Every detail you can provide helps.

A feature request should always be born out of a need. To understand the request best you should start by describing this need. Then you should also bring up one (or more) possible solutions (of course only in words not in code, as we're talking about issues here ;-) Don't be afraid to add any photo composition which could help us to understand the solution you're describing.

Participate in discussions

Please keep in mind issues are only meant to get us informed about aspects that we need to know. If you have questions or problems and aren't sure where it belongs to please rather start a discussion than open a new issue. When we consider it to be an issue we will very easily transform the discussion into an issue without the need of you having to interact.


If you are a developer who wants to be up to date with the latest source code we'd recommend to download the current develop branch. SmartStore.NET uses GIT for revision control and source code management. You can work with every git client there is like for example TortoiseGit, Git-Extensions for Visual Studio or SourceTree. We ourselves have made excellent experiences with SourceTree when it comes to working with open source projects and so of course with SmartStore.NET.

When working with SmartStore.NET as a developer it'll provide substantial benefit when you fork the software before you make some of the adaptions you need. It's very simple, just click the Fork link on the Source Code tab. This way we can for example pull your fork when there's a problem with a feature you're implementing and we want to help. Also when you've developed a feature or even some improvements that you want to contribute to SmartStore.NET you can very easily make a pull request so we can evaluate your code and overtake if it's relevant to the SmartStore.NET core.

Branching strategy

There'll be always a master and a develop branch. The current develop branch is 1.x, once we reach the next major milestone it will be 2.x and so on. This is the branch where we do our daily work (please be careful, the branch named develop is actually obsolete and is not used anymore). When we implement a new feature, we will add a feature branch and develop this particular feature within there, e.g. feature/webapi. When we're confident it's ready to release we merge it with the current develop branch.

To be able to provide (urgent) fixes to the latest or any previous stable release we seal the current develop branch every time we make a new minor release and name it after this release (e.g. 1.2.x). The special branch named master always hints to the latest stable release and is tagged with the corresponding version (e.g. 1.2.1)


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